Terms & Conditions

       Thank you for your interest in Land Patent Help, a Private Member Association (PMA). Our commitment to privacy and excellence is paramount. Please be advised that the detailed terms and conditions are available upon request by a member. By use of this website or purchase of any product you agree with the entirety of the Terms & Conditions of the Land Patent Help PMA Agreement.

Membership Agreement:

  1. Application Process:

    • Membership in Land Patent Help involves an application process. Acceptance is subject to our internal criteria.

  2. Member Responsibilities:

    • Members are expected to adhere to the principles and values of Land Patent Help. Any breach may result in termination of membership and or legal actions.

  3. Privacy and Confidentiality:

    • Members are assured that their personal information will be handled with utmost confidentiality. For details, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

  4. Exclusive Benefits:

    • As a PMA member, you are entitled to exclusive benefits and services. Details are outlined in the membership agreement.

Membership Duration:

  1. Membership Term:

    • The duration of membership is Lifetime upon acceptance. Please refer to your membership confirmation for details

Post-Expiry Obligations:

  1. End User Agreement (Schedule A):

    • Following the expiration of membership, or in the case of an ex-member, the individual remains bound by the terms of the PMA End User Agreement labeled Schedule A indefinitely.

Purchases and Membership:

  1. Inclusion of Membership Fee:

    • All purchases made with Land Patent Help automatically include a Lifetime membership fee.

Requesting Detailed Terms:

       For a detailed copy of our terms and conditions, members please contact our Membership Services Department at [email protected] to request a copy of the full document.

Changes to Terms:

       Land Patent Help reserves the right to modify, amend, or update these terms and conditions. Notice of any changes will be communicated to members in a timely manner.

Legal Compliance:

       Membership in Land Patent Help is contingent upon compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Any violation may result in termination of membership and or legal actions.

       Thank you for choosing Land Patent Help as your Private Member Association. We look forward to your membership and value your commitment to our shared principles.

Refund Policy

                                 We appreciate your trust in Land Patent Help PMA, and our refund policy is crafted to uphold fairness and transparency in all transactions.

Refund Request Process:

  1. All refund requests must be submitted in writing via mail to our designated address:

                 Land Patent Help PMA

                   Refund Department

           388 Exchange Blvd. Unit #1117

                   Hutto, Texas [78634]

  2. Your written refund request should include:

    • Full Name

    • Contact Information

    • Member Number (red number on bottom of member receipt and envelope)

    • Detailed Reason for Refund Request

  3. Refund requests will be diligently reviewed by our dedicated staff, with decisions prorated based on the extent of services or work completed.

Refund Evaluation Timeframe:

  1. Upon receipt of your written request, our team will assess the refund application within 14 days.

  2. The evaluation process considers the amount of work or services completed and the validity of the provided reason.

      1. If the refund is approved, the prorated amount will be determined and promptly processed.

      2. Exclusions:

        • Drawings and Metals: No refunds will be issued for purchase(s) involving drawings or metals due to the nature of these products.

      3. Currency of Refund:

        • Purchases made in gold or silver will be refunded in USD unless the transaction occurred on the Kinesis platform. Refunds for Kinesis platform transactions will be processed through the Kinesis platform.

      4. Refund Calculation for Precious Metals:

        • Refunds for purchases made in gold or silver will be based on the current value of the metals, not the weight received. 

      5. Discretion of the Vendor:

        • Refunds, whether in gold, silver, or fiat currency, will be made at the discretion of the vendor.

      6. Fees:

        • All fees made by other financial institutes will not be refunded or returned.    

                                        Thank you for choosing Land Patent Help PMA. We value your understanding and cooperation with our refund policy.

Discount Code Use

WARNING!!! If one uses discount code “KINESIS10” and uses any other method other than Kinesis platform to complete any purchase there will be a non-refundable inconvenience charge automatically deducted. Inconvenience charge is 50% of the original price of the product or service. This automatic process will occur after 24 hours of the purchase and balance returned thereafter. If code was used by mistake one must notify Land Patent Help PMA within 24 hours of the purchase and immediately complete purchase through the Kinesis platform within 48 hours to avoid inconvenience charge.

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