TropoCondo – Atmospheric Water Harvester

Made in Texas!


The TropoCondo represents an advanced atmospheric water harvesting unit designed to meticulously extract vapor from the atmosphere, yielding pure water of unparalleled quality. Our units incorporate an exclusive proprietary system engineered to the eradication and the ensuring of the elimination of unwanted aerial aerosol dissemination contaminants from the ambient environment. This dedication to purity guarantees the delivery of the highest quality water.

Notably, our water is free from pharmaceuticals and fluoride, adhering to the strictest standards of water quality. Each TropoCondo unit boasts a user-friendly design, requiring minimal maintenance easily manageable by the user. Additionally, to underscore our commitment to product durability and reliability, all units are accompanied by a 5-year limited warranty. Experience the epitome of water harvesting technology with TropoCondo.

All model numbers are rated on Gallons Per Day (GPD) in an environment of 80F and relative humidity of 72%. Units can achieve higher GPD’s.

Model number:       20       10       5       2

65F / R.H. 60%        8        3        1.3       .7

80F / R.H. 72%       20       10        5       2

86F / R.H. 80%       25       12       6.6       2.2

95F / R.H. 90%       30       15       8.7       2.8


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