Eternal Wick Oil Lamp

The Eternal Wick Oil Burning Lamp, where timeless elegance meets perpetual glow! This isn’t just a lamp, it’s your very own never-ending light show. Picture this: a flame that refuses to quit, a wick that laughs in the face of fleeting moments. It’s the lamp that outlasts even your most epic Netflix binge.

Crafted with an eternal wick, this lamp is the secret agent of lighting – suave, sophisticated, and always ready for action. No need for replacements; this wick has a job for life! It’s the James Bond of illumination, minus the tuxedo.

But wait, there’s more! Infuse your space with a dash of your favorite ambiance by adding our exclusive line of scented oils. Elevate your room from “nice” to “oh, this is heavenly!”. Our scented oils are non-toxic and the VIP pass to a fragrant paradise.

Unleash the eternal flame, indulge in aromatic symphonies, and let your space bask in the perpetual glow of the Eternal Wick Oil Lamp – because why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? Light up your life, literally!

If using indoors, for best results use olive or coconut oil only. If using outdoors, you can use tiki oil or citronella oil.

Oil not included with lamp.

Lamp can get hot. Place lamp on a stone coaster.

Land Patent Help, PMA is not responsible for fires caused by use of our products!


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